For the past few years, the Colorado Humanities has been working on creation of the Colorado Encyclopedia, an online collection of articles on people, places, events, and things in Colorado history. The project, funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the History Colorado State Historical Fund, has recently launched. Scholars from across the state have written articles for the encyclopedia and served as part of the editorial team. Articles continue to be added regularly, and the encyclopedia welcomes new contributions.

Faculty and students from Colorado State University have played an integral role in the development, creation, writing, and editing of the Colorado Encyclopedia. CSU grad Nick Johnson (M.A. 2014) serves as the Editorial Assistant for the Colorado Encyclopedia at the Colorado Humanities office. CSU historian and PLHC Council member Jared Orsi serves on the editorial team and edits articles in the encyclopedia’s ecology section, which includes topics such as land and water use, the environmental movement, and sustainability. Orsi has also written articles for the encyclopedia on Zebulon Pike and Pike’s Stockade. CSU historian and PLHC Council Chair Ruth Alexander has contributed an article on Long’s Peak. A number of CSU history graduate students have served as content specialists and student interns and have written articles for the encyclopedia. These include Asunta Barone (M.A. 2014), Andrew Cabrall (M.A. 2015), Sean Fallon (M.A. in progress), Zach Lewis (M.A. 2014), and Dane Vanhoozer (M.A. 2016). Other CSU history alums have also contributed, including an article on Rocky Mountain National Park by Mark Boxell (M.A. 2016), an article on Estelle Leopold by Nichelle Frank (M.A. 2012), an article on the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station by Joel Scherer (M.A. 2014), and an article on tuberculosis in Colorado by Mary Swanson (M.A. 2009).

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