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THATCamp - November 3rd

THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.”  A THATCamp is an unconventional conference (unconference)—an open, inexpensive meeting that draws together humanists and technologists of a range of skill levels and areas of expertise to learn and build together in sessions that are organized on the spot on the day of the program. Everyone is a collaborator at THATCamp and participates in collaboratively setting the agenda for the day. THATCamp is informal, spontaneous, and inexpensive compared with traditional conferences. For THATCamp Colorado, we hope to offer free registration to students, and nominal registration fees for faculty, staff, K-12 educators and community members.

THATCamp is an ideal fit with the PLHC’s core values—technological tools, like public lands, are accessible, powerful platforms that tell the public important stories about themselves and their history in compelling ways.  THATCamp Colorado will take place November 3, 2018 on Colorado State University’s campus, and will highlight three major themes: Environment, Space, and the Digital Humanities. For the PLHC, THATCamp is not just a way to share our own experiences applying digital tools to telling the histories of public lands; it is also an opportunity to collaborate with others both on and beyond CSU’s campus to learn more about technological tools and to think creatively and critically about how we should engage with them in the humanities.