Authors et al

This website is the work of many people, many hands, many minds.  The tasks of planning, researching, analyzing research, writing, editing, selecting, and ‘webifying’ were (and continue to be) a community project within the Public Lands History Center (PLHC).  Members of the PLHC – faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates – swapped sources; shared stories; discussed, argued, disagreed, and came to a consensus over many different aspects of agricultural and urban water use in Fort Collins.  Not only does it take a village to produce a cogent historical analysis, but it takes a conversation among those doing the work.  Many conversations, in fact.  The PLHC is grateful to those who contributed to this project.  We hope the conversation continues.

Not pictured are:
Krista Maroudas: Urban and Industrial
Jacquelyn Stiverson: Urban Trails, Downtown Development
Katie Updyke: Water sports

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