Gentrice summarized her experience working at the PLHC in the following words;

“During my semester as an Undergraduate Intern at the PLHC, I had the opportunity to shadow several historians as a means to accumulate understanding of their practical, every day work. I attended meetings with some of the PLHC’s clients, and shadowed an oral history interview with a retired Superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park, Patrick Reed. By the end of the semester, I was able to leverage the professional experience I gathered from these observations to organize a Brown Bag speaker event with the Parks Manager at Lory State Park, Roy McBride.

I also compiled a post for the center’s blog. My writing was kneaded and reworked several times,  edited, and fact checked, and finally approved for publication. None of my writing prior to PLHC had been scrutinized to the extent of my blog submission. It was a hugely helpful experience in preparing for more serious future cracks at academic publication.

Some other projects I tackled as an intern included I set up a cataloging system for the center’s library, and transcribing the oral history interview recorded this past summer at Rocky Mountain National Park during PPL.”

We would like to thank Gentrice for all of her hard work at the PLHC and wish her good luck in the future.