American West Program to Host CSU Extension Session on Colorado Farmers and Ranchers on October 5th



  • Joanne Littlefield, Ph.D., (Director, Extension Outreach and Engagement)
  • C.J. Mucklow (Extension Western Regional Director)
  • Rick Knight, Ph.D.  (Professor, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Warner College)

In 1914, Congress authorized land-grant universities in every state to provide research-based information to Extension agents in each county. For over 100 years, CSU Extension has helped people in Colorado find the answers they need—for a healthy home life and successful business. This panel reflects on this rich legacy by addressing farm and ranching technologies and values, past, present, and future. Littlefield will explore farmers’ and ranchers’ evolving commitments to sustainable and productive land use. Knight will consider the ways in which ranching and ranch families might bridge the divide between rural and urban America through their provision of food and open spaces. Mucklow will examine land users’ and managers’ common interest in sustaining both the health of land and people’s attachment to landscapes that provide important resources, whether food, forest, or recreation.

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